Coffee-powered musings of a Romanian living in London

Updated: Oct 15, 2018


We have a go at life

Like deers in the headlight.

All we often have left

is desperate hope

and damning belief.

Updated: Oct 15, 2018


It's so scary to feel like

everyone's watching,

waiting for the punchline or

the funny, clumsy fall you're going to suffer.

You get to feel like a baby

In a porcelain shop,

too young not to ruin


But then, the opposite is just as bad.

Not being watched.

We all know you have to keep your eyes on the baby.




Updated: Oct 15, 2019


Watching people go by.

Some are like sparks in the air,

a beauty you never got the chance

to fully understand.

Others are prison guardians

and how you feel about them

depends on what side of the cell door you're on.

Others, more,

feel like a chance you never took,

the Hello you never uttered.

All of them are possibilities

reminders of possible futures

and of the many, many doors

you could have had the keys to.

Drop me a line. Will get back to you after I've had my coffee.