Coffee-powered musings of a Romanian living in London

Latte. The biggest adventure of my life:

staying put.

No bags, no check-ins, no living in limbo

in airports,

no adjusting to different time zones and

ways to drink coffee.

No earpods,

since it's oh, oh

so quiet.

The biggest adventure is a non-adventure,

a non-commit

to any kind of movement.

I'm still like

an Easter Island sculpture,

the Stonehenge and

the Colosseum put together.

An admirable trait:

to stand still in all weathers and

in all years,

to become

a landmark.

It takes guts to stand still.

It's the easiest way to always be seen.

Double Espresso.

Even big, wild, fumingly anxious cities

need a place to rest their enlightened heads.

A place to let go of all the farmer markets,


indie coffee shops,

craft beer bars,

fusion restaurants,

chain toy stores,

nail salons and

all in between.

A place to let go of

everyone's expectations and projected hopes.

We all could use a break from being ourselves

in a hot mess of identity thieves.

Flat White. Getting lost in a book.

Climbing your way down the metaphors,

up the comparison,

deeper through the adjectives

and parallel to active verbs.

Getting lost among people who never lived

and still lived more than you ever will.

Walking on imaginary streets who

resemble your veins,


they are leading straight to your heart.

Getting lost in pages who,

when put together,

have the same colour as your eyes.

What an amazing gift, to get lost in a book.

What a frightful abandonment and

what a long and fulfilling travel.

Drop me a line. Will get back to you after I've had my coffee.