09 dec 2018, Beanberry Coffee

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Flat White.

I can't be trusted.

I buy everything, if unattended.

I'm a magpie, really.

Worst: I buy into anything and anyone.

So credulous, poor me.

So ready to put it all on the table, stat:

my credit card,

my will,

my belief in people,

my disbelief in conventions.

I simply give it all up, take you on your word

and think you're magical, out-of-this-world fantastic -

if you say so.

If you need me to see that.

Sign everything, it's just words.

I'll sign my own demise if given the right pen.

I will even take in that lie you tell everyone.

That't I'm awesome and brilliant and

one of a kind.

I'll take it.

Sometimes, for a second, it keeps me warm.

And I simply hate the cold.