17 dec 2019, Amoret

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Double Espresso Keep dancing around on icy leaves;

toes frozen,

my ghosts chasing each other,

charging, violently,

mashing into one another,

a whole mess, a disaster made out of

my past and my ennui.

Enough - I'm tired,

I want this to end,

And I want it to stay the same

as change plants catastrophic seeds,

and has claws

and big, terrible fangs,

and mutates inside me

and it always hurts so much

and I'm always alone by the end.

Keep dancing around on cold, distant thoughts,

on resolutions I don't accept.

I have shoes just a number too big and

my hopes are also loose on me,

since I lost weight in the aftermath

of me running after my ghosts, asking them

to please, please

give me one night's rest.