19 feb 2020, The Old Dairy

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Flat white

Lucky you.

Have no idea how to climb mountains, yet

do it anyway.

Smooth rising caused by the kindness of strangers. Some of us are still grounded,

weighted down inconsolably

by our random encounters with demons and

embarrassing dreams and being second fiddle to

people like you. You, who use smiles as currencies,

you rely on people like us.

We're those people who read about mountain climbing until

we are full to the brim with knowledge

and could name every and each one

and yet

we've never even tried one pair of boots.

And so we impart our knowledge

and share advice to your lot.

It’s only when we’re kind to you

When you stray away

That we feel powerful

Like we own

A little fragile part of you

That small nugget you always pretend you don’t have.