Updated: Feb 22, 2020

"Never again!" she said, doing it all over again.

"This is the last time", she swore, starting up the carousel one more time.

"This ends here!" she exclaimed, lining up to the start line.

A mix of decisions blending into a cocktail of forgetfulness. One look is all it takes for her to be unable to see anything else. One word is enough for her to learn all the lyrics to this senseless pop song.

Staring into screens, always looking for more like those people who search for alien life forms - and all of it with the same result anyway. A big fat nothing, followed by a sigh, then a small, feeble "but maybe..."

They say we need hope to grow as people and for civilisation to endure.

Obviously, whomever said this has never,

not once, crumbled into the ashes of their own hopes.